Issue With rel=”me nofollow”

I’m going to make the effort (again) to use twitter so I’m tweaking my account. I’ve just read a post by Dave Naylor about plonking a URL into your twitter bio to gain a backlink – good tip! The standard web link in your profile is nofollowed but if like me you use the SEO for Firefox add-on, that no-followed link won’t appear in red to indicate such. I’m presuming this is because twitter uses the html code rel=”me nofollow”. I don’t know what the me attribute does though – maybe it’s specific to twitter?


  1. says

    It just ignores me. It can be set to external etc.

    Google and other search bots look at the nofollow and do not give any rank to that page for that particular link alone.

  2. John says

    Thanks Jason

    I’m okay with the nofollow bit …just not seen the “me nofollow” syntax before.

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